Slow Computer? 5 Ways to Get Back to Speed

Whether you are a student or an office worker, the computer has become a lifeline for all professions. Running all kinds of software, from graphics to architecture and editing tools to simply opening many tabs in chrome, the computer needs to be efficient. There comes a time when even run-of-the-mill tasks become a burden for the laptops. In simple words, the memory gets busier and the computer fails to perform even the pettiest tasks. A slow computer is useless and can be adding to your daily stress without you knowing about it.

As soon as it becomes counterproductive, it is time to use your brain to have some mercy on the non-living thing by following these easy steps.

Slow Computer Fix: Removing Useless Programs Through Control Panel

The easiest way to speed up your PC or laptop is to uninstall unwanted or rarely used programs. Some of these programs are running without you knowing about them, taking up space on the memory slots, hence slowing it down. Scroll down the list of installed programs and see if you can find any unusual names.

If you don’t want to mess with the control panel because you feel you might remove crucial programs instead, download free software PC-Decrapifier. It will help you identify those unwanted programs.

Wipe Out Temporary Internet Files & Cookies

For those who are not familiar with them shouldn’t worry! Basically, when you browse the internet, these files keep piling up in the memory occupying extra space and a slow computer is what you get as a result.

To free up this space, you can follow steps involving certain drives and folders, but we are here to save you some time and those precious grey cells. ‘CCleaner’ program is another great option. It is available for free. Just download it through and you’re on your way to put your PC to good use again. This software cleans your computer by removing temporary files, cookies, and history as soon as you click the ‘Run Cleaner’ button.

Make it a habit of cleaning your computer at the end of the day. This free PC cleanup will guarantee you peace of mind.

Stop Unnecessary Start-Up Programs

Start-up programs can be one of the reasons behind a slow computer! Don’t beat yourself about it though. This can happen even to the best of us. Go to “Start” and then type, “run” in the search box. This will open up a small window at the bottom. Write “msconfig” and hit enter. Another window will pop open. Select the tab that says “startup” and unchecks any programs that you don’t want to run on startup. This will increase the booting time of your PC or laptop.

Increase RAM

First of all, this solution doesn’t come for free. However, higher RAM is highly effective in speeding up your computer. All the computer owners who go for this upgrade do not have to worry about sluggishness anymore. An ultimate killer of a remedy for a slow computer!

Take it to a computer technician or repair shop and ask them to upgrade it to 6 GB if it’s already 4 GB. Computers are fitted with higher-capacity RAMs as a common practice these days.

Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE to see how much RAM your computer is using!

Use A Hoover To Physically Clean It

Dust particles are the biggest enemy of computers. We think if we are sitting in our cubicles or offices, dirt won’t enter the computers. We are wrong! Having said that, dust accumulates and settles down under the keys and over the sensitive circuitry. However, who knew a hoover could offer extra assistance in cleaning the computers.

You’ll have to remove the base of your laptop or PC cover to perform this process. Furthermore, use the hoover to blow away or eradicate those awful dust and dirt fragments which are mainly stuck in the exhausts. Make sure to clean the insides thoroughly. Hoover machine is an absolute nemesis of an unclean slow computer!

Note: Before surgically activating yourself in the clean mode with the hoover in your hand, ensure the plugs and cables are detached for at least 30 minutes.

This concludes our list of common computer problems making it slower. Undoubtedly, these are the easiest slow PC solutions, we can act upon!

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