PSL 2018: A Bright Edition to the Cricket Horizon of Pakistan

Pakistan Super League, the 3rd edition, is moving along nicely and has gradually become a major cricketing event after the international teams turned down the offer of playing in Pakistan. The media and the promotions have helped it a lot to gather fame and success. If there was no coverage, the world would have never realized or noticed it and thus all our efforts for the revival of cricket would have gone in vain. It’s a relief to see international players becoming part of PSL 2018.

PSL 2018 T Twenty Matches

In an interview with Najam Sethi, he expressed that we are expecting a revenue of $ 5 million from the third edition. He was happy and content with the proceedings of the event so far. This is welcoming and a moment of pride for the Pakistanis. Six teams chosen and named after the cities of Pakistan are competing against each other with an international flavor in the squads. This is only going to attract people from all over the world.

Psl 2018 matches

As Pakistanis, we are quite capable, naturally gifted and have skillfully managed to prepare the perfect mixture in the form of PSL. It is neither dilute nor dense for the international audiences to see and understand that there is more to us than just terrorism.

The world knows now that we are a cricket-playing nation who loves cricket more than any domestic issues trying to disrupt the game. Keeping us away from the action is not an option anymore.

Najam Sethi also told the media that ICC (International Cricket Council) rolls out $10 million every year to PCB. With an additional revenue of $5 million, courtesy PSL 2018, constituting to almost half of what ICC offers, we are sitting on the verge of a huge achievement. PCB and Pakistan, in general, are propagating or advancing towards profits presently and in the years to come. With more PSL matches coming to Pakistan, we will be able to generate more income and become self-sufficient.

Players and suspects involved in spot-fixing in PSL, 2nd edition, were taken care of by PCB and PSL organizers and instant action against them was applauded by the cricketing world. Even ICC nodded in favor of the steps taken by PCB. It is becoming increasingly difficult to hide suspicious activities because ICC has a list of 100 players on their watch list. They are being watched and if they give even a hint of involvement with the spot-fixing mafia, ICC will make sure to ban them from cricket forever.

If there is a report of any misconduct or someone going against the rules laid down by ICC, strict consequences will result not only for the players but for the franchise owners as well.

Psl 2018 fixtures and schedules

PSL 2018’s new foreign players include names like Alex Hales, Brandon McCullum, Eoin Morgan, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell and a couple of others. Their addition brings flair and charisma to this tournament. Moreover, each of the six teams has a head coach, batting coach, and a bowling coach. The organization is splendid and could just make the world envious of this arrangement.

Speaking of uneventful proceedings, it is highly likely PSL 2018, an admired cricketing event will be able to grab more fans this year. We all have been working on it to make it a success and this is the result of our hard work.

In response to another question, Mr. Sethi said that bringing back cricket in Pakistan is everyone’s dream and no one likes to see those grounds empty. However, this is where it all starts. PSL will be the motivating factor laying the foundation for the rest of the cricketing nations to visit Pakistan.

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