Latest Technology Trends to Follow for 2018 & Beyond

The latest technology trends are keeping up with great pace. It is due to the innovation taking place in different fields. The changing human needs also play a part in it. Furthermore, take the HyperLoop by Elon Musk for example. Humans need to travel at that pace because of less available time.

Latest Technology Trends

Here is a look at some of the technology trends to watch next year.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Automation is here for several years and not something new to us. However, the introduction of new automation technology is becoming possible. The increase in capabilities of future computers is increasing the Artificial Intelligence (AI). One example can be the use of automated customer service, reducing human intervention.

More Synthetic Food

The research still continues on technology trends in the food industry. The 2018 predictions expect a breakthrough in the synthetic food. Soylent is an example of the new kind of food powder that the scientists want to use. They are working on making it more human-friendly and easy to consume. Thus, we may see some kind of new and emerging artificial food techs in 2018.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is fast gaining momentum as one of the upcoming IT trends.  The use of technology-driven powerful networks makes this method of marketing a lot more engaging and result oriented. It has a viral nature that ensures quick spreading of the message. Therefore, it will give a new found power to the marketers to expect much quicker results. They would also be able to see the return on the investments (ROI) they tend to set aside for their marketing budgets.

Smart Support Chat Bots

Chatbots are becoming the norm and one of the new technology trends. However, there would be an increase in the use of the smart chatbots. It is one of the latest technology trends for the IT industry. The development of Artificial intelligence (AI) driven chatbots will take upon themselves much of the work. Businesses will increasingly be using these chatbots to answer the questions of the customers. Thus, they would help organizations capitalize on more online leads and increase their level of business.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Entertainment is not the only industry that uses the VR and AR technologies. Many other industries are already looking at how these technologies can help in different fields. The use of 360-degree viewing technology will be on the rise. We will see more of the three-dimensional videos on YouTube and other such sites. For example, a business can give the potential customers virtual tour of their premises with the use of 3D technology.


Bitcoin is big and getting bigger with each passing day. Furthermore, the short span of two years has seen it grow significantly into one of the latest technology trends. Therefore, we would be able to see more of the cryptocurrencies floating in the market. Not every digital currency would see the same kind of success. It will depend a lot on the underlying security to ensure its safety. Also, users will remain concerned about not being able to get caught when sending or receiving money. Therefore, more secure digital currencies in the future will get more coverage.

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