Which Horror Movies in 2017 Scared the Most?

There are many fine horror movies, gaining the recognition & appreciation of the horror fans in 2017. Hollywood has managed to pass another year without disappointing but rather producing excellent entertainment. The class of a true horror movie in itself is the way it sucks you into the story, the plot, heart palpitating on every twist and an unbelievable ending awaits to surprise you at wit’s end.

You know the horror movies list 2017 can go on and on because cinema has really evolved bringing delightfully impressive sets to screen creating equally enjoyable situations. However, today we are going to talk about only a few films that have really delivered in terms of scaring the audience enough to check their locks twice before going to sleep. Not to mention checking under the bed just to be on the safe side!

They can be termed as the

Top 5 Hollywood Horror Movies in 2017

1: IT – Horror Movie By Stephen King

horror movie 2017


Stephen King was all over 2017 with his mysterious maestro “IT”! The hype itself was crazy enough to witness the magic in this movie. A clown’s obsession with killing children draws the story into the pits of thrill and suspense. Director Andy Muschietti does a great job of giving flesh and bone to it. I would consider it as one of the best horror movies of 2017.


2: Get Out

best horror movie


Another horror movie which was magnificent down to the bone! In other words, the film doesn’t deal with blood or guts, all the gore but rather dispenses the fright through words and conversation happening among the characters. The powerful dialogue is what makes the film standout. The theme revolves around racial discrimination behind the polite curtains of equality. This is basically a big taunt in the face of liberals in Obama regime according to the critics. Hands down praise for Jordan Peele for coming out with this masterpiece.


3: Alien: Covenant

ALIEN COVENANT horror movie


Ridley Scott gets back with his big scare of 2017 in the form of “Alien: Covenant”. Michael Fassbender is the leading star in it to make things super freaky. He does a pretty good job in maintaining the overall spooktacular atmosphere – a fine actor who has delivered more than once. The outer space environment further adds to the intergalactic adversity and alien invasion is a no-brainer. A space vessel with all the crew is destined to land on a planet and things twist and turn leading to utter chaos.


4: Raw

raw horror movie


The French director Julia Ducournau brings out the best in her to give gore a new name. “Raw” is actually more than that. Whichever way you look at it, you will see the genius and brilliance written all over it. From a captivating storyline to spellbinding acting and deliverance – the movie is a class apart. The cannibalistic awakening through a ragging ritual turns a young vegetarian into a meat-craving monster. Neither beef nor chicken is enough to satisfy her cravings. The freakiness continues from start to finish leaving you in amazement with a taste of mind-boggling torture in your mouth. This easily has what it takes to be the best horror movie released in 2017.


5: Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game horror movie 2017


Carla Gugino (San Andreas) is starring in this movie. However, who knew a brave mom set out on a mission to save her daughter during an earthquake can act out as a helpless widow tied to a bed in a secluded cabin? That’s right! She has to suffer the most horrible consequences in that room. This horror movie truly falls into the category of human degradation. The way a person tears down the wall of being civil and cultured and embraces the darkest pit of satanic or egotistic excellence.

Furthermore, do watch these movies if you haven’t seen them already. These timeless movies will instill you with the hope that there are still good movies in the making. True horror fans will be thoroughly entertained. If your list of 2017 Hollywood horror films doesn’t have these names, you should consider revisiting the list.

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