Google’s 6 Biggest New Gadgets List

 6 Biggest Google Gadget list 

Google has been content with being a software company for years now. They designed apps and other services for companies on their devices this worked well for Google. It searches engine, without any doubt, the most legitimate source to find information online.  Android, which is its mobile operating system. It is now being used on more than 2 billion devices globally. But for Google, that is no longer sufficient. They are aiming to go big by an introducing new chain of Google gadget list. 

The big fish of Californian technology world is now busy in developing its own hardware features. Ranging from AL- powered smart speakers to high-end smartphones which are all designed to dominate your homes.

Last year was a turning point for Google as they truly began to move into the hardware space. Google is putting two times more efforts on it in the year 2017.

Google, like all other technology-based company, rarely speaks about its future ventures. But the leaked information gives us an idea of what it has in store for us.

Here is Google gadget list which is going to be out this year.

VR headset

Google has been experimenting with virtual reality for many years now. First of all, the Google gadget list started off with implementing of VR technology, which was introduced as a super budget version of VR which enables the user to enjoy the experience with their phone, two lenses and a cardboard box. Daydream was introduced last year which is practically the same as Cardboard but with a touch fancier headset for putting the phone in, a remote control, and some minor technical details.

But I stand alone and independent virtual reality headset was announced earlier this year. In collaboration with partners such as HTC and Lenovo, they are building headsets which are to released soon, lying under the cost bracket of mid-hundred range. Other VR headsets require costly gaming computing devices but Google’s VR headset won’t need any external support function.

 VR headset -

If this turns out to be successful, it could open new doors to slowly march virtual reality into the mainstream world.


Google’s iPhone slayer is being updated.  The previous year, Google Pixel was announced by Google which was aimed to go side by side with Apple. It displayed the very best qualities of Android. It succeeded by a large number and got critically acclaimed.
After this, Google has announced to release the second phone in the Pixel series and also its larger screen version known as Pixel XL.

The major changes which are being highlighted are the edge to edge screen like the one Samsung Galaxy 8 had. Also, a Pixel 2 is rumored to have, waterproofing, and boosted internal specs.

It is also planning to give up the headphone jack like iPhone 7 did which could cause some controversy.
The Pixel 1 was released last year and it pretty much guaranteed the success of its successor as well.

A Third, Bigger and Better Phone

Google might be releasing another phone this year in addition to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. This phone is rumored to be bigger than the other two codenamed “Taimen”.  With a screen larger than 5.5 inches, it is said to a phablet device. Another theory that has been roaming around is that the Taimen is going to be a full-blown tablet.

Google Home Version 2

The hot topic in the technological world right now is smart speakers with virtual assistants. They, by the sound of your voice, play music, organize your life, control your home and so much more.  Amazon Echo was the first to come up with this idea and made it a hit. Google, in order to catch up with Amazon, has introduced the Google Home which came out last year.

It is now said to be releasing a second version of its which is set to launch in this year.  What would be new about it? It could have a combination of Google’s mesh Wi-Fi router to help strengthen the internet signals throughout your household.

But there is strict completion ahead as Apple is rumored to be preparing a smart speaker also which would be powered by its AL assistant software Siri.

A Project Tango Built-In Phone

We know at the Asus ZenFone doesn’t belong on this list as it is built by Asus and not Google. But we think it’s worth mentioning as of the camera tech is full of surprises and exciting features. It is the second phone of its kind coming out with Project Tango which is an augmented reality technology introduced by Google.

It has a camera which can put an imaginary or virtual object in the physical space around a person, be it opponents in the games or virtual furniture you want to put in a space before buying.

Project Tango and AR technology is still a niche.  But is slowing making its way into the mainstream world with the technology needed to support is becoming more and more advanced.  The Asus ZenFone is said to have a display screen of 5.7 inch which is smaller than the mammoth’s 6.4-inch screen which was required on the Lenovo Phab2 Pro which was the first Android phone to support Project Tango in it.

 Google Gadget list predictions 

Google introduced the Chromecast Ultra in the year 2016 which is the latest version of its HDMI dongle which enables the user to stream video directly from your smartphone to almost any model of the TV. The model before that came out in the year 2105 so it is not that hard to assume that there might be another one coming out in the year of 2017

Like there is an Android App for the phone makers, there is also a desktop operating system known as Chrome OS for the laptop makers, developed by Google. Previously, it has its very own flagship Chromebook Pixel laptops but they have an uncertain future now.

We have not included the majority of future hardware endeavors using Google’s software and apps by big companies like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Asus and many other which wasn’t added to Google gadget list. 

It doesn’t also include the software updates, the new application, and other digital products which are going to be released by Google.

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