Global Warming – Argumentative Approach Towards Reality

Broadly speaking, there are two views about global warming. Therefore, there are people who believe that global warming is a natural process in the evolution of the earth. However, there are others who believe that the burning of fossil fuels is responsible for this phenomenon. Similarly, Each side furnishes tons of scientific evidence to support their view.

Global Warming Facts

According to an article on climate change by NASA, “the solar increases don’t have the ability to cause large global temperature increases…Greenhouse gasses are indeed playing a dominant role.” As a leading global scientific institution of US government, NASA’s point is highly accepted by the community.

In the same article, the Department of Commerce says that only a quarter of the amount of global warming is sun’s fault. That one-quarter of the problem is the natural part of climate change; the rest is from human activity.

What Is Global Climate Change?

Global climate change or global warming both refer to the same phenomenon. Earth’s climate system has been getting warmer effecting it adversely. It is due to burning of fossil fuels so they say. According to the Stanford Solar Center, global warming is a result of an increase in greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide and methane) in the earth’s atmosphere caused by human burning of fossil fuels, industrial farming, and deforestation activities.

Time to Wake-Up

The impacts we humans have on the environment seem to be popping up all the time. Every year, billions of tons of carbon dioxide contaminate the atmosphere. However, many cars, power plants, and burning of anything containing carbon generously add to this number. Therefore, we as humans should be able to understand our fossil fuel burning habits enough to stop the increase of carbon dioxide every year.

Causes & Effects

To witness the change of the world from a global warming perspective, there are many indicators proving humans guilty. Furthermore, some of the sources that expose the causes of global warming include the latest research conducted by scientists. Therefore, according to them, the water level of the ocean is 60 feet lower than what it was 400,000 years ago.

One of the main impacts of global warming is the melting of the north and south polar caps. Furthermore, the extremely fast rate of the thaw at the caps is an effect of global climate change. In National Geographic Magazine, scientists conclude that earth’s polar caps and glaciers are already melting at an unstoppable rate.

This goes to show global warming is causing extreme weather conditions in the world as we speak. Therefore, this may be the broken link towards the awful hurricanes we are experiencing. Furthermore, current extreme weather episodes can be part of this phenomenon.

Probable Solution

The deforestation occurring around the globe is a key factor to causes of global warming. Furthermore, according to a popular mechanics magazine, studies are underway to reduce global warming with genetically engineered plants. Therefore, they will be completely efficient in recycling carbon dioxide.

However, as a nation, Americans are culpable as the leading cause of global warming with the most greenhouse emissions anywhere in the world. Furthermore, as the most influential country, America can decide to become a more environmentally aware populous setting an example for the entire world to see.

Final Words

Similarly, on the flipside, there are many who give arguments against global warming, who believe climate change is not real. Therefore, they are willing to stand by their arguments firmly but even if it isn’t true. There is an overwhelming spread of pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere which can make this planet uninhabitable.

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