Donald Trump on North Korea Situation “Don’t bother talking to North Korea”

<span class='p-name'>Donald Trump on North Korea Situation “Don’t bother talking to North Korea”</span>

Donald Trump on North Korea Situation “Don’t bother talking to North Korea”

Donald Trump on North Korea Situation:

At Washington D.C. the notorious US President Donald Trump on North Korea threw one more tantrum on Sunday by dismissing the prospect of talks with North Korea. He plainly called it a waste of time. President Trump gave that statement just after a day his secretary announced that the US was retaining open communication lines with North Koren leader Kim Jong Un.

He posted on his Twitter about this whole situation while making sarcastic jokes about Kim. Trump wrote, ” I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man”. Donald mocked North Korean leader by giving him a funny nickname. He also went against the top U.S. diplomat. This take of Donald Trump on North Korea infuriated many officials.

The Trending Story

There has been an ongoing trading of insults and threats between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in the recent weeks. This has been going on amidst the stress over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs. Donald Trump on North Korea fiasco said that all the White House predecessors including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama failed on the North Korean situation by being nice to “Rocket Man”.

He said that it hasn’t worked before and it is not going to work now.

Kim became the leader of North Korea after his father Kim Jong II in 2011. This happened during Obama’s administration. All the presidents before Trump tried to negotiate with Pyongyang but failed. They couldn’t stop it from moving forward with its internationally disapproved weapon programs.

Tillerson’s Cut

Tillerson said this on Saturday that the US was devastatingly trying to communicate with North Korea on its nuclear and missile programs. But no positive outcomes were seen from it as Pyongyang was showing no interest in dialogue. To this Trump said, “Save your energy Rex, We will do what has to be done!”

He also has said that the U.S has many direct means of communication with Pyongyang during a trip to China. This was the first declaration of this sort from Trump’s administration. It was to poke North Korea to decide if they were interested in a dialogue or not.

He also showed great concern over the situation and hoped to maintain a good relationship with North Korea. As this whole situation is leading towards the point of developing a nuclear-tipped missile competent of hitting the United State’s mainland.

Tillerson told a small group of reporter that they are probing North Korea. When asked if they are ready to talk the Secretary of State said that there are already 3 channels of communication open to Pyongyang.

Donald Trump on North Korea Situation: Aftermath

A senior Trump administration member asked clarification for Trump’s Sunday morning tweets. This has out-ruled the importance of the communication channels.

He said that North Korea is not ready to negotiate and is continuing its provocations. That is why Trump doesn’t think that now is the time to negotiate with them.

He also went ahead and said that the channels were established just to secure the return of Americans detained by North Korea. R.C. Hammond who is Tillerson adviser contradicted that the state secretary has been undercut by Trump through his tweets. He also went ahead and rebuff the idea of him resigning.

He asked everyone to let go of the idea of resignation. Hammond also said that President’s tweets were a reminder to Kim regime that negotiation offer is about to expire.  He also said that in a tweet that communication channels have indeed been open for a month but are not being utilized.

Other State Representatives on the Situation

Heather Nauret who is another spokesperson for State Department made the similar point. She said that communication lines may be open for now but they won’t remain open forever.

Adam Schiff said that Tillerson is wasting his time on this situation because the President is not. Moreover, he said that Trump does not realize the catastrophic consequences this could bring.

Donald Trump on North Korea situation has covered all the aspects of insults. Ranging from personal attacks on Kim to making official threats to his country. He also seems very adamant and not interested in talks to find a diplomatic solution to this situation. He said that diplomatic solution is still on the table. But also have declared that he has military options at work. But the U.S official also has admitted the adverse after-effects of U.S. strike on North Korea would result in great catastrophe.

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