Democratic Principles are Better Than Tyranny of Dictatorship

Democracy and dictatorship are two forms of governance. Democracy derives from the word, “Demos.” This is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Abraham Lincoln, one of the American Presidents, who implemented democratic principles both in letter and spirit. This was the age which popularized the concept of democracy in the western part of the world.

The present United States of America was once a British colony. The British government would send its criminals to the United States, as a form of punishment. This ultimately turned out to be a factor of defeat for the British Empire. These criminals supported the locals which resulted in British humiliation and the capture of the states by the American people.

America Relying on Democratic Principles

George Washington was the first American President who ran the United States on democratic principles. Initially, there were only a few states but gradually the other states also joined and thus formed the United States of America. At present, though, almost all the states have their independent rules and regulations, they have common army and currency. This is the reason that American dollar is still the most valuable legal tender in the world.

Post-Independence Era

After independence, America made tremendous progress in every walk of life. Economy, politics, nuclear weapons etc. Though North Korea is now in the crosshairs of USA, American technology is highly sophisticated to battle upstart North Korea. As a result of democracy, Lincoln fought with South American forces not willing to abolish slavery, but democracy and slavery are two antipodes.

Democracy can’t tolerate slavery which is a negation of democracy so Lincoln went all out to put an end to it. Though America suffered whopping loses yet it is worth the price for ending slavery. The other form of popular governance is the dictatorship. The dictator doesn’t listen to people and tries his best to impose his will on the masses.


One of the major characteristics of democracy is that it accepts the condemned people of other countries where there is no democracy or it exists in its very incipient form. This shows how tolerant a genuine democracy is!

The interesting facts about democracy are so many that we can’t count them on our fingers. One of the basic facts is its broad-based nature. This is a form of governance which tolerates all sorts of differences, whether religious, racial or other human factors based on discrimination and caste system.


The pros and cons of democracy are several but we have discussed only a few pros in this article. The cons are that the government has to take up a soft attitude towards those who don’t submit to its laws. If it takes a harsh measure, there is every possibility of losing its allies. For instance, in its initial stage, there are many sit-ins in a country which result in political instability and economic chaos.

Top Democratic Countries

The countries below are the top 10 democratic countries of the world according to a survey held in 2015:

  • Norway
  • Iceland.
  • Sweden.
  • New Zealand.
  • Denmark.
  • Switzerland.
  • Canada.
  • Finland.

Popular Questions

Is America a democracy or a republic?

It’s both!

What characteristics define a state?

The following characteristics define a state in a democratic world laying a foundation for democratic principles.

  1. Enlightenment
  2. Tolerance
  3. Broad attitude towards masses
  4. Unprejudiced behavior towards other religious
  5. Moderation
  6. Taking care of the poor people etc.

Principles of democratic governance are what the future holds for us since there is little or no room for dictatorship. Therefore, we can even kill hate by being tolerant.

Final Words

This means that democratic principles are better than the dictates of dictatorship in every way. The developed states of England and America are an obvious proof of the superiority of democracy.

To conclude, democracy and dictatorship are incomparable. Democratic principles focus on the welfare of the people while dictatorship ignores even their basic rights. Hence democracy is far too superior to dictatorship.

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