What Factors Determine the Bitcoin Future?

Bitcoin Future Predictions in 2018

The price of the bitcoin has burst in 2017. The year starts at around $ 1,000, today a BTC to USD rate will be setting you back over. Many factors determine the price of the cryptocurrencies.

The first factor is its limited supply. The basic theory of economics says that price is determined by the level of supply versus the level of demand but in case of the bitcoin one of these variables is fixed.  The bitcoin future is like that there will never be more bitcoins than there are millionaires on the planet today. Bitcoin demand increase will result in the higher price while the reverse will happen if the people started to sell off their bitcoin for any reason. Few factors are discussed below regarding the bitcoin future:

  1. Speculation:

Bitcoin future may increase by those people who hear about it for the first time, and the buying pressure may increase, or another reason for the rise of bitcoin is that it is more than a tool for the criminals. Whereas at the same time many have continued being acute of bitcoin, the numbers speak for themselves. This cryptocurrency has made many early adopters incredibly rich.  An arrival of people seeking extraordinary gains for themselves has undoubtedly been the primary driver of price this year, like always.

  1. Greater use of bitcoin:

Bitcoin future is emerging as a useful financial tool in some of the poorest parts of the world. In a place like Zimbabwe, a helpful way of getting money out of the failing economy is the peer-to-peer bitcoin trades. People would try to keep the money they have somewhere safe because it has no entry barriers and harsh limits on the banking activity in the country. Zimbabwe currency has faced hyperinflation in recent years because of the too many uses of the bitcoin. This phenomenon, on the other hand, has squeezed bitcoin and other digital currencies.

  1. Institutional money:

The CME Group offers futures trading platform to the bitcoin. There are many high hopes within the bitcoin space that this will lead to higher levels of institutional money coming into bitcoin. A lot of top money investors do not have the time to sit down and figure out how to use the bitcoin wallet and ensure that how their private keys are always kept secure. It is also believed that the group will take considerable positions in bitcoin easily. In addition to this, it is also believed for the bitcoin future that successful future market will lead to the establishment of more traditional investments offerings like an exchange-traded fund.

  1. Regulation:

Bitcoin has yet to be regulated by the government of the world; it’s such a revolutionary technology. It is not defined however that either it’s a currency or an asset? In some parts of the cryptocurrency community, there is a fear that government might try to find out a way of wiping cryptocurrency out. Thanks to bitcoin satellite launched this year that even shutting the internet of the globe no one can wipe it out.

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