Six Top Safe Baby-moon Destinations Guide for You!

The word ‘babymoon’ comes from the word ‘honeymoon’. Babymooning is really picking up popularity as more and more pregnant ladies are opting for it. They want to spend time alone with their significant others – precious moments spent together can be refreshing before the baby steps into the world. To make those moments last forever, we have chosen a few safe babymoon destinations for you.

  1. California, Santa Barbara One of the Safe Babymoon Destinations

This is up there on the charts regarding safety. This place will give you, your partner and the angel about to come to the perfect opportunity to bond or connect. It takes only 2 hours to reach Santa Barbara from Los Angeles. The city promotes an artistic view with red rooftops and stucco-influenced wall designs. Many hospitals are in the vicinity in case of medical emergencies.

Old Mansion is something to visit and will definitely steal your breath away.

You might want to take a long peaceful walk down State Street to enjoy shopping and eating. Burn those calories instantly by taking the plunge in shopping for variety.

  1. Choosing Hawaii, Kauai For The Much Needed Break

This is next on our list of safe babymoon destinations. It could be the best place to travel to while pregnant. I say that because the place is Zika-free.

Zika is a deadly virus that can cause complications in pregnant women. We need to protect both the mother and the child from mosquitos and viruses like malaria and dengue. Dengue is prevalent in some Asian countries but news sources say that they have it under control now.

It is a green island with the exquisite natural scenery. Helicopter tour will take you through the densely populated forests and nature’s aquatic decorations (waterfalls).  Regardless of what most of the experts say about flying being safe during pregnancies, it is better to ask your doctor first. Beaches, coffee fields, and Waimea Canyon are on the menu.

  1. Travaasa Hana, Maui, Hawaii is another Pearl in the Shell

A perfect getaway for couples who are looking to hide from the perks of technology. It’s as if you have gone back in time. The place reminds us to admire the simplicities of life and that it’s okay to stop and ponder on things.

It’s appreciating the little things that matter and brings us closer to each other. For that reason, there are no TVs or any other digital gadgetry keeping us on the edge. Furthermore, it brings back peace and quiet in our pacey lives.

Along with a breather, the place offers meditation opportunity, yoga and hiking is one of the major bonding activities for babymooners. Although hiking is safe, still ask your doctor before going on a hike, especially for the expecting moms.

  1. Sedona, Arizona for Sauna Lovers

L’Auberge de Sedona resort has extensive spa arrangements for you to unwind. Sedona is one of the safe babymoon destinations and a fun place for both the partners. Give a new flavor to your babymoon activities with the massage experts at the resort who know what they are doing. They’ll get you the much-needed relaxation. After that enthralling time at the spa, you can either go on a light hike down the Oak Creek Trail or hang out in the Mexican-Style Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts village.

  1. Feel the Diversity of Seattle

Seattle is home to both modern lifestyle and traditionalists with nature at the center. From the early risers to the late bloomers, there is something for everyone in this safe babymoon destination.

Choosing Pike Place Market for prolific shopping – You can design the whole wardrobe for the upcoming baby. Keep away from fish outlets though! Lastly, Seattle Center! The museums, playhouses, greens, and spouts in the center will give you the time of your lives.

  1. Is Bermuda Zika-Free?

The answer to that is: Yes, it is!

It has been an ongoing talk about Bermuda being a cultivating ground for Zika. But the authorities have cleared the area from Zika virus. I repeat with confidence, Bermuda being Zika-free

Concluding with Bermuda as a safe babymoon destination, the eye-catching place is nothing but a dream come true. The bluish-green water by the shoreline is as clear as a transparent fish with waves splashing through those rocky formations.

All the above babymoon destinations in the USA have their unique way of affecting the travelers. Some will reflect more on your present, while some might work the magic on your past – removing the guilt for good. A change in hope of turning our lives around makes these destinations mandatory.

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