Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Today: AI’s Future & Benefits

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Similar to the evolution of life on earth, the dimensions of work has changed as well. Most of the time that change is so little and gradual that we are unaware of it till it develops into something we can comprehend. That is when we start to perceive the advancement and evolution. But once in a blue moon there comes a situation which demands your immediate attention. It comes as a rapid change and requires us to adapt to it in the most resourceful manner.

There have been many such abrupt changes down the centuries such as the discovery of fire, electricity, the advancement of machines and computing devices, etc. All of these leaps of faith required us to embrace them as workers and use them as tools to be more productive to achieve a certain goal. This is exactly the case with Artificial Intelligence.

Now we stand on the verge of another technological outbreak which is the rise of AI. These software oriented devices take up ways to utilize distorted information in a relevant way, which is something we thought only humans are capable of doing. Just take a moment and think about it, how insane it must have seemed to imagine driver-less cars which would navigate themselves to their destinations driving among the unforeseeable humans through the crowded roads of our cities.

artificial intelligence

We have now become so comfortable with AI’s existence that it barely bothers us. Now we are embracing the idea of keeper-less shops, tutor-less classrooms, and doctor-less surgeries. The question is, what do we do with the people now? What are the measures we need to take and skills we need to adapt to stay relevant in this AI drove world? There are no solid answers but the swift adapters of this technology have a plan.

 Age of Artificial intelligence and how to cope with it

Benefits of Artificial intelligence and how to use them

Let’s prepare for the future. We ought to consider latest innovations in artificial intelligence. Along the way consider the other technologies and use them for our competitive advantage. Therefore, it can only be planned out as per a particular context to develop a customized substructure to find out what skill set to discontinue and which one to adapt. Finally, this could also be used to determine the strengths we prefer to focus to improve. This could be best done by establishing a model which predicts the future of a skill set and can assist in developing a smart plan. This model can help us to be clairvoyant and know the pros and cons of a specific skill as well.

Embrace” Expert Generalists”

Not just in the case of Artificial Intelligence, we should be open and appreciative towards the expert generalists. We should be aiming to bring them on-board in larger number. As they are the people who have studied many disciplines and knows how to apply that information practically. These people are open to take on difficult and diverse tasks, make a link between them and are willing to explore new horizons and possibilities.

The Future of Social Network

We cannot depend on people who have expertise in one area, we need to build a workforce which is led by these expert generalists. These people are more dependable as they have a wider interest base and various expertise zones.

 Develop a Route for Them

To tackle the real artificial intelligence situation we need to take some adverse steps. We ought to develop planned learning ways and reward advancement made based on them. This must be considered as vital criteria for career progress. All the skill degrees must be calculated and measured in regard to its professional impact. Furthermore, work proficiency should be determined by the feedback coming from the clients, marketing techniques, registered trademarks, etc. On top of this all, the skill to train and share ideas with others should also be considered a measuring factor.

Embed Learning into Work

Most of the advanced skills to teach in a classroom or online. What we can do is design an environment. Encouraging employees to learn would result in better work productivity and creativity.  Furthermore, there are many online courses and open education institutes that can assist in this regard. People can learn and apply that learning in their work and test their skills in a practical manner.

Accelerate Development

Furthermore, we need to focus on developing programmers, systems. And offer incentives and rewards to enable people to work in various fields within our framework.

  • Firstly, you should consider the hired employee for a work opportunity
  • Offer incentives to the manager and their working crew
  • Appreciate people when the excel at their job

The only way to cope with the Artificial Intelligence is to spot its potential and see it as an opportunity to grow. As it is upon us to see or ignore its potential. Learning and researching is the only thing that can help us see beyond the present situation. Lastly, it is the only way to stay relevant and purposeful in the times to come.

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